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Creative   Grants

Creative grants of up to $500 will be given to select veterans who apply through the following application process. You will have to show proof of military service. Grants will be primarily focused on veterans, active duty, and reservist service members of the United States! 

Grant Tracker

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September 13, 2022: 6 Grants Given

Grant Recipients

Nicholas Alvarez

  • Instagram
Screen Shot 2022-09-12 at 2.04.01 PM.png

Air Force veteran, make up effects artist and sculptor. Nicholas was LOV’s 6th creative grant recipient. While living in Virginia, he discovered his passion for make up effects after watching behind the scenes footage of the first Jurassic Park film.  He started sculpting and experimenting on his own and knew he needed to further his education.  Without the money to pay for college, the Air Force provided him with the opportunity to move to California, go to school, and work in the industry. Since then he has worked on major films and television shows such as Stranger Things, The Walking Dead, and Hell Raiser. He also has worked with talent such as, Doja Cat, Tyga, Janelle Monae, and Omar Apollo. We purchased Nicholas the Iwata HiLine 5200 airbrush and an acrylic paint set so that he could expand his skills and further his opportunities.

imagejpeg_0 2.jpg

Zach Bender

  • Twitter
  • Instagram

Navy Submarine Veteran, Nuclear Electronics Technician, and photographer. Zachary is our 5th grant recipient. He currently works in Data Center Operations and does photography in his free time. He enjoys shooting across many genres from landscapes, portraits, concerts, to weddings. We purchased Zachary a travel tripod and a speedlite flash for his camera so he can expand his capabilities as a photographer. We are excited to be able to help him grow his camera equipment inventory and can’t wait to see the photos he continues to take.


Speedlite Flash and Travel Tripod


Jon Terrones

  • Twitter
  • Instagram
Screen Shot 2022-08-18 at 6.54.53 PM.png

Navy Veteran, Musician, and Transportation Designer. Jon is our fourth grant recipient. He hopes to entertain the masses with his rock n roll music with his band Lausten Found. We purchased Jon a PA amplifier so that he and his band can properly hear each other. You can see him jamming in the photos below as he continues on his journey and practices for an upcoming show. We are excited to be able to help him along in his journey and can’t wait to see what projects he creates.

Jumps 2-1.png

JBL PA Speaker

Michael Brannon

  • Twitter
image 4.jpg

Georgia Army National Guard, Diesel Mechanic, Computer Science student. Michael is our third Creative Grant recipient. He has almost a decade of experience in diesel engine diagnostics and is starting to learn computer coding. He hopes to find a way to combine the two fields in ways that have never been done before. We purchased Michael the computer in the photos below to help him on his journey as he learns coding and software design. We are excited to be able to help him start his journey and can’t wait to see what projects he creates.

image 2.jpg
image 3.jpg

HP Laptop 17-cp0097nr

image 5.jpg

Parker Koppes

  • Twitter
  • Instagram

Army Veteran, storm chaser, and photographer.  Parker's story is one of great inspiration.  Dealing with PTSD and other mental health issues, Parker says one storm changed his life.  He became fascinated by storms and weather, and got into storm chasing and photography as a result.  We purchased Parker the GoPro and Camera tripod below.  We can't wait to see the amazing videos and art Parker creates with his new gear.


GoPro Hero 8, Carbon Fiber Tripod


Julian Valles

  • Twitter
  • Instagram

Marine Corps Infantry Veteran, photographer, and videographer.  Julian was LOV's first creative grant recipient.  We're so proud to support him on his creative journey and follow his growth!  We purchased Julian the camera accessories below.  With these upgrades, Julian will be able to improve the quality of the content he captures.


Rode Video Microphone, On-Camera Monitor, Camera Cage Kit

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