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Our Mission at League of Veterans

This collection is centered around our sole mission of helping veterans. As a Marine Corps veteran, I was overwhelmed with my loss of belonging after transitioning out of the military in the summer of 2021. I was so lucky to find art, being creative, and an entrepreneurial fire that brought me a renewed sense of purpose and fulfillment. I began working on League of Veterans, building a platform to inspire, enable, and support veterans on their journey to fulfillment. The creative space is so rewarding and there aren't enough veterans who know of these opportunities. Let's change that. Let's empower veterans and follow and help them along their creative journey. This project isn't just for vets, it's for those who understand the selfless sacrifice of veterans, are active in the creative community, and want to be a part of a something that fosters the creative spirit.

Our collection is a supply of 1,234 League of Veterans NFT's. 65% of the profits of this collection will be given to veteran causes.

**50% to Creative Grants for veterans (camera, drawing pad, guitar etc.). Check out the application portal on our website or on our social medias. If you're a vet, apply!

**10% to Veteran aligned non-profits. We've partnered as a Corporate Champion with the Wounded Warrior Project. We're working to partner with more amazing veteran non-profits...more to come!

**5% to in-person community events. This will enable our community to get out and interact in real life. Whether it's local art shows for veterans, veteran art classes, or a pop-up art exhibition of one of our grant recipients, we hope to see you there!

Thanks for your support! Let's do this together.

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