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League of Veterans NFT Collection Update

League of Veterans Family!

Thank you all so much for your continued support of our project to help veterans. I write to you with an update and an ask to purchase an NFT of our collection on launch day to power our community-building.

We’re quickly approaching the GameStop NFT marketplace launch and we’re so excited to be one of about 100 artists and projects to be a Launch Creator on the site. Launching an NFT marketplace is quite complex, so we’re patiently waiting for everything to be set up so the site launches flawlessly. Once GameStop NFT goes live, League of Veterans will go live! As soon as we know more information you all will be the first to know!

On launch day, our collection of 1,234 LOV NFTs will be for sale for 0.08 Eth. As of today that’s $92 USD, but will fluctuate with the price of Ethereum! We also have a launch day surprise in store to commemorate the monumental day that League of Veterans and GameStop entered the world!

League of Veterans is so much more than an NFT project; we’re building a community that will foster and build the next generation of veteran creatives and artists. The veteran space is very fragmented; most resources for veterans aren’t useful until a veteran is at their lowest point. With League of Veterans, our community will create a clear and proactive path for vets to explore their interests in the creative space, get help, ask questions, and learn.

The power of art and creativity is unlike anything else I’ve experienced. Ask other veteran artists and I know most would tell you the same.

The LOV NFT’s are a means to an end. They’re a way to raise money, build a community, and share this amazing project with the world. Purchase one (or ten! or twenty!), share with friends, compel others to support. 50% of the profits from the NFT sale will enable continued creative grants. We’re so proud to have given our first creative grant to Julian Valles, an infantry Marine veteran living in Indio, California. We purchased and sent him some amazing accessories valued at $500 for his camera. We’ll eagerly follow and support Julian on his journey and we hope you do to. His story is inspiring and moving. We’re actively searching for more veteran creative grant recipients and can’t wait to support their creative journey. We’ll be writing, developing, and publishing a coffee table book telling the stories of every LOV creative grant recipient, sharing more about this endeavor as we build on ways to tell the stories of veterans.


From personal experience, as a Marine veteran, when I transitioned out of the military there was no network or community for me to learn about successful, creative, and interesting veterans and their careers following their service. The more I looked, the more I realized that there isn’t a clear path for veterans to get into the creative space, whether for employment or as a hobby. League of Veterans is going to change both the availability of supportive pathways and misperception about veterans’ lack of creativity with a counter-narrative. It will elevate those who are creatively contributing to society in the shadows or seek to do so. We’re going to give a spotlight and a voice to veterans in a space that isn’t traditional. Our country needs the resilience, resourcefulness, innovation and leadership we offer.

So when you are considering becoming an owner of an LOV NFT, don’t think of this as another NFT project, think of the veterans, the people, the faces behind the NFT’s that you’re empowering and enabling to explore their passions. Because of you, their stories will be told, their lives will be changed forever, and new doors will be opened.

Thank you all for your support on this journey. The only way is up and we can’t wait to go to space together!


David Fisher Founder, League of Veterans

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