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League of Veterans, August 5th

LOV Family,

We want you to feel something when you look at a League of Veteran (LOV). We want you to see yourself, a brother, a sister, a parent, a family member, a friend, a service member…someone who’s sacrificed their life to protect the freedoms of the world. So much of Web3 and NFTs are intangible elements living in an alternate reality. That’s what makes the space so exciting and ever evolving. But we still live in the present world…in reality. How can we have a lasting impact on the world through providing opportunities to people.

In serving in the military my eyes were opened to many cultures, people of different demographics, socioeconomic classes, educational backgrounds, and races not only in the United States but across the globe. I quickly learned that everyone is a creature of the environment they came from…while opportunity sometimes presents itself to those who work hard and don’t give up, it’s not always that simple. Luck plays such a significant role in one’s success. Those from fortunate backgrounds, with access to quality education, nurturing parents, interactions with successful people, and a perspective on how to attain success have a much greater chance to get “lucky” than those without resources. So is it luck?

This project is here to disrupt things. It’s here to give opportunities and support to those who might be ambitious, smart, and hard-working but still haven’t been given the nudge forward that they need. Everything starts with an idea; it’s whether the individual has the ability to make that idea a reality. Think of all the ideas you’ve had that you haven’t made a reality. Why?

Before I joined the Marine Corps, I didn’t know many service members, if any. I felt a disconnect from those protecting my livelihood. I felt ignorant to what these brave men and women were doing for me, for my country, for democracy. If you don’t think, interact with, and feel the military, it’s so easy to ignore, forget, or not comprehend the sacrifice those who defend our freedom are making. This project is here to get rid of such ignorance. We’re here to educate and connect the military community with those who have not served. Everyone has their own role, let’s learn from each other.

There is so much potential for this project to grow. We want you to feel a part of it. Join our discord, follow us on twitter and instagram, to interact with others who have come together over the passion of creativity, building things and helping a demographic in veterans who aren’t well represented in the space. Let’s share and learn from each other.

Project Updates:

We are so proud of our initial progress so far. Through our sales we’ve done over 13.5 Ethereum in sales from all of our collections and it continues to grow daily. With half of our profits going to creative grants, our current revenue will support 18 creative grants of $500. We’ve given 3 out so far: Camera accessories for Marine Veteran Julian Valles, a GoPro and tripod for Army Veteran Parker Koppes, and a functioning laptop for National Guardsman Michael Brannon. It’s unbelievable to think that the community we’re building has enabled the support of these 3 veterans and more to come. They are just starting their journeys and we’re excited to help them along the way…You may just see their artwork for sale in the future.

We’ll continue the process of reviewing the creative grant applications we receive. If you’re a veteran or know of a veteran who might be interested, there’s no harm in applying HERE! We’re here to help you.

You’ll see some pretty amazing updates and new art coming to our collection that will be all about customization. We want you to have a deeper connection with the LOV you own. If you have any suggestions or ideas don’t hesitate to reach out by contacting us on twitter, discord, or via our email.

The growth and success of this project is not possible without you all. Thank you so much for the support so far. Think of the 18 grant recipients’ lives who will be forever changed because of you. If you have any questions please reach out! Your involvement and interaction with the project starts with owning an LOV. Grab one HERE! If you need help in purchasing an NFT, we’re here to help you.

Have a great weekend.


David Fisher

Founder, League of Veterans

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