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David Fisher | Marine Veteran |League of Veterans’ Founder

After I transitioned out of the Marine Corps in 2021, I struggled to find something of purpose and something that spiked my curiosity.

I started to immerse myself in digital art. I found passion in learning a new skill, expressing myself, and connecting with a community of others in the space. As I started to draw the artwork for the League of Veterans NFT collection, I began to realize that my journey into the creative arts space was something of great value for my self growth. I developed as a person, forced myself to improve in something that I originally wasn’t good at, became more comfortable with failure, and ultimately found something that gave me a strong sense of purpose.

Developing the League of Veterans collection and community has been so integral in my journey. No person, let alone a veteran, will find their way or their path without trying. Take a risk. Fail. Fail again. I’ve learned far more from trying, and I will continue to learn so much from this project. League of Veterans is here to support other military veterans along their journey. I hope that we inspire and force other veterans to take risks in the creative industries. Paint, take photos, act in a local play, write a poem, immerse yourself in pizza cooking, you name it. Do it. We’re here to support you. We’re much stronger as a community and network.

This is a veteran’s ticket to explore, to try something new, to grow individually, and ultimately to be a mentor and resource to the veterans who will follow. We need your support. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter for more details and updates to come!

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